How much does it cost to paint an average sized room?

The cost to paint a single average room will not be as much as you likely think.

The labour costs are fixed so if your room is in relatively good shape only needing general preparation work before painting and you supply the paint yourself you can expect to pay £100 -£150 for a room up to the size  of 12ft by 12ft and 8ft high, this would depend however on how much woodwork needs to be painted e.g. window frames , build it cupboard doors ,skirting boards, flooring, doors and the like.

This cost includes standard preparation – raking out loose plastering in the ceiling and walls and to  fill any holes or cracks. Prep would also include washing the woodwork down and filling any holes or cracks prior to sanding smooth and applying primer to any bare or filled wood. After preperation, the paintwork begins and we would apply two coats of emulsion to the ceiling and walls and one coat of undercoat and one coat of gloss or other finish to any woodwork. This is our standard specification for redecorating a room, the more coats of paint you give, the better the finish.

Your decorating company should be able to advise you on the number of coats required for a perfect finish.  You can learn more about our decorating services here.